Tuesday, Dec 12th, 2017



North Conejos School District Gifted and Talented program recognizes the unique educational needs of Gifted and Talented students and is in the process of providing appropriate collaboration or interventions which sustain, challenge and ensure growth to develop each individual's potential.

Our program, is striving to create an environment that is responsive to the learners, assess each learner's knowledge understanding, and interest, encourage students to explore areas of knowledge, understanding and interest, assist in developing cognitive, social and emotional skills necessary for becoming independent learners and help learners understand their giftedness and how it effects them.




In grades K-12, screening for the gifted program may begin with high achievement scores, teacher recommendation and/or transferred from another school.  Observations are made of the students' performance on higher level thinking tasks as part of a talent pool.  A body of evidence about the students' performance is gathered.

This includes:

    • State and Local Assessments:   CMAS, PARCC, ACT, NWEA, DIEBLES, ect
    • GPA and Advance Course Placement
    • Behaviors/Characteristics checklist from teachers
    • Demonstrated Perfomances - juried exhibits, auditions, portfolios
    • CoGAT: The CogAT test is a test used by many school districts to qualify children for their gifted and talented programs. The test measures reasoning and problem solving skills in the areas of 1) verbal, 2) quantitative (mathematics), 3) spatial or non-verbal (using shapes and figures to solve problems).
    • Ability Screening/Assessment (upon request)
    • Achievement Screening/Assessment (upon request)
    • Other assessments as needed and determined by the RTI Team.

Once the evidence is collected it is reviewed by the RTI (Response to Intervention Team).  This team is comprised of the principal, counselor, teachers at the appropriate grade level, GT coordinator (if this person doesn't have one of the previous listed positions) student (when appropriate) and parents.  The evidence is reviewed to see if the student displays a need for gifted programming as part of his/her eductional plan. To exhibit this need the student will show strong evidence in 3 of the 4 categories.  The 95th percentile has been used as a standard ranking for G/T quaification.





Gifted and Talented Activities for the 2015-2016 G/T Budget


 CoGat Test Booklets and Scoring

Science Fair

History Fair

G/T Trainings

Robotics for CMS Science Class

Honor Choir

Honor Band

Spelling Bee

Knowledge Bowl

Centauri Middle School Robotics Class 

Brandon Gonzales  State Honor Choir