Friday, May 22nd, 2015

North Conejos School District RE-1J

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Curt Wilson, Superintendent

North Conejos RE 1-J Mission Statement

The mission of the North Conejos School District is to provide a safe, nurturing learning environment where diversity is celebrated, mutual respect among adults and children is practiced and where school and communities are seen as valued partners in creating the foundation for lifelong learning.



Restoring the Negative Factor Before Providing TABOR Refunds as a Statewide Priority


WHEREAS, since 1994 Colorado’s school finance formula has included both a base amount of per pupil funding and an additional amount based on “factors” to account for unique local conditions and equalized total

per pupil funding across school districts; and


WHEREAS, in November 2000 Colorado’s voters approved Amendment 23, which requires funding the base and factors at growth plus inflation on a yearly basis; and


WHEREAS, starting in fiscal year 2010-11, the legislature added a new “negative factor” to the public school finance formula to make across-the-board cuts to education spending which have reduced funding to school

districts by over $1 billion annually; and


WHEREAS, the “negative factor” clearly violates the voter intent of Amendment 23; and


WHEREAS, with the improved economic condition of the state is now leading to increased tax revenues

causing there to be much discussion at the state level that Colorado’s state government will soon be in violation

of the TABOR Amendment and will thereby be required to refund tax payments to taxpayers; and


WHEREAS, Amendment 23 was passed by voters in Colorado just like the TABOR Amendment was, and so

must be complied with;


NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Education of the North Conejos School District

hereby urges the State Legislature, Governor, and Treasurer to honor the intent and language of 

Amendment 23 by prioritizing the reduction of the Negative Factor ahead of any TABOR refunds and to leave

decisions regarding how those funds returned to school districts are spent to locally elected school boards.


North Conejos School District Annual Report to the Public

2015 - 2016

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